Any Resemblance is part of the LaMama Moves Festival. Visit LaMama HERE.

Any Resemblance is a multidisciplinary performance project that takes place live and online. It follows Audrey and Maddy, a queer interracial couple trying to get pregnant. A new episode is performed each week in project creator Jen Abrams’ kitchen in Brooklyn. In between, the characters post to their blogs, vlogs and Facebook profiles in real time.

Each new social media post will appear in the stream on this site’s home page. You can also follow the updates by Friending the characters on Facebook and subscribing to their blogs. You can also sign up for the project’s mailing list.

Ticketing for live performances is HERE. If you miss a live episode, video “reruns” are posted to this site weekly.

This project is open. If you Friend the characters, they will accept and you will be able to comment on their posts. (You can view their Facebook feeds without Friending them.) You can also leave comments on their blogs. You can comment as yourself, or you can create a fictional persona.

If you have comments about the project itself, leave them HERE.

There will be four episodes in Season One. The project takes place over a 28-day ovulation cycle, June 2-29. Social media updates are made daily throughout the project.


Members of this list will receive weekly emails during the month of June updating you on the progress of the story and letting you know what's up next. You'll also be notified of additional performances of Any Resemblance, and of the Season Two launch.